Foreign Activities

National Codification Centre for Defence Export Products according to the role of the National Codification Bureau of the Russian Federation cooperates with national codification bureaus (NCB) of foreign countries with regard to codification of Russian defence products .

To implement cooperation with foreign countries National  Codification Centre for Defence Export Products participates in the activity of various international bodies:

- NATO Group of National Directors on Codification AC/135 (Main Group, Panel A), which operates the NATO Codification System, recognized as the world’s standard  for codification of defence materiel;

- TRICOD Working Group  which performs coordination and cooperative works on codification of the Russian/Soviet defence products supplied to foreign customers (to East Europe countries and others);

- Pacific Area Cataloguing Seminar which operates as working group under the Pacific Asia Senior Officers Logistics Seminar (PASOLS) and concentrates on dissemination of common codification rules for defence materiel (based on NATO Codification System) and development of cooperation in this area among Pacific-Asia countries.

- MC Catalogue User Group representing nations which use the same software for codification of defence equipment and aimed to share experience in this area, improve codification process.

Within these activities the National Codification Centre for Defence Export Products performs the following works:

- ensures codification data exchange on Russian defence products with foreign customers using special rules and means of communication;

- participates in various events devoted to development of normative documents regulating common rules of codification and data exchange, sharing experience in codification area, development of  common codification information resources etc.

- participates in implementing decisions taken during such events which relate to the Russian defence products and Russian entities – producers and suppliers of the materiel.

The National Codification Centre for Defence Export Products interacts with foreign NCBs of the customers’ countries. Bilateral agreements concluded with some of them which define general terms and conditions of providing codification data and codification services between the parties. By now 9 agreements have been concluded with foreign NCBs . The list of them is presented in the table below:

sk Slovak Republic
image005 Republic of Korea
cz Czech Republic
uk United Kingdom
dk Denmark
image012 Morocco
de Germany
image007 France
ie Italy