The world practice of military-technical cooperation requires that suppliers of defence equipment provide integrated logistical support which includes a complex of processes and procedures aimed at optimization of the expenses during after-sales stages of the life cycle.

Implementation of the requirements imposed by the customers of defence equipment with regard to integrated logistic support is concentrated in the following directions of work:

  • Providing after-sales support of the delivered defence equipment in accordance with international standards and requirements on integrated logistic support including:
    • supply of  electronic documentation;
    • codification of items of supply;
    • development of illustrated electronic catalogues;
    • development of computer training programs;
    • performing logistic support analysis tasks;
  • Evaluation of the life cycle cost according to methodology defined by international standards and considering expenses for the design, manufacture, operation, maintenance, repair and utilization;
  • Ensuring required quality of defence products in accordance with ISO and NATO standards;
  • Ensuring compatibility of particular Russian export defence systems and the equipment of foreign origin which is used by foreign customers;
  • Participation in joint international projects for the development of military systems and further supply of spare parts to support operation and maintenance, etc.

As for today the main and most important elements of the integrated logistic support required to ensure effective after-sales support of the equipment supplied within military-technical cooperation are as follows:

  • Logistic Support Analysis;
  • establishment of Integrated Supply Support systems;
  • development of electronic operational documentation;
  • development of illustrated electronic catalogues;
  • development of computer training programs;
  • codification.

One of the most important characteristics for the customer of high-technology products is the value of the maintenance of its life cycle (Life Cycle Cost). The life cycle period of such complicated products usually exceeds 20 years.

The National Codification Centre for  Defence Export Products has considerable experience and proposes to Russian design and manufacturing organizations as well as to customers  the services in the following areas:

  • evaluation of the equipment’s life cycle cost;
  • development of illustrated electronic catalogues for spare parts;
  • development of interactive electronic technical manuals;
  • providing consultations and executing the works on logistic support analysis when such obligations have been included into  contracts or at the stage of preparing tender documents.

Introduction of the proposed elements of integrated logistic support will allow to increase the effectiveness of defence equipment operation and training of the specialists, to reduce expenses for the development and publication of technical documentation, will contribute to reduced expenses of the user for operation of the equipment, to considerably reduce the cost of introducing changes and republication of the documentation, to reduce the expenses for acquiring spare parts, reduce the time required for troubleshooting, etc.