In accordance with international standards on integrated logistic support widely used in the sphere of international military-technical cooperation, codification is the basis of the whole complex of works associated with information support of the defence equipment life cycle.
Due to this fact countries using the NATO Codification System include codification requirements into the contracts for the procurement of defence equipment.
Codification provides unified communication language between supplier and foreign customer used to solve important issues of logistic support with regard to supplied defence equipment.
Internationally acceptable National Stock Number assigned to the item of supply as a result of codification of defence export equipment represent a feasible tool for end-to-end control of the processes associated with the supply of equipment.
The National Codification Centre for  Defence Export Products offers to developing organizations and manufacturers codification services of various kinds with regard to defence export products:
- carrying out on contractual basis the works on codification of items of supply with the use of technical data supplied by developing organizations and manufacturers;
- providing developing organizations and manufacturers of defence equipment with on-line access to the software facilities of the National Codification Centre for  Defence Export Products enabling codification of the materiel to be carried out by themselves.
More detailed information about the terms and conditions of providing codification services may be obtained in the National Codification Centre for  Defence Export Products of the ROSOBORONEXPORT by telephone No. +7 (495) 950-91-33.