At present the National Codification Centre for Defence Export Products implements the following prospective directions of work in the area of codification:

  • Development and introduction into the Russian defence industry of a new powerful codification tool MC Catalogue Industry which allows significant improvement of codification process with actively participating industry in it;
  • Close cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of Republic of Belarus in creation of Joint Codification System of Defence Products. The creation of the system is intended to ensure effective military-technical cooperation between Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus on the basis of improvement of supply support procedures and the use of common catalogue of items of supply for defence equipment used in both countries;
  • Development of codification data exchange technology between the National codification Centre for Defence Export Products and Codification Centre of the Russian Ministry of Defence. It will implement more effective codification of defence materiel used by Russian Armed Forces as well as supplied to foreign customers.



18/04/2014 Meeting of Coordination Council for codification of Defence Export Products
June 2014 Meeting of the Working Group on creation of the Russian-Belorussian Joint codification system of defence products